Body Care

females,hands,leisure,massages,people,photographs,towels,women“Spring Time” Ayurvedic Body Treatment ($85.00)  

The Ayurvedic approach to healing begins with getting in touch with all 4 elements, Fire, Water Earth, and Air. Alow us to treat your body to a heated herbal body scrub using therapeutic essential oils to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul followed by a 30 minute Signature aroma therapy body massge. (60 min)

Anti-Stress Massage w/ Facial ($130.00)

Aroma therapy upper body massage, Signature “Glow” Facial and relaxing warm eucalyptus foot wrap. (90 min)

Blissful Back Facial ($50.00)

Deep steam cleanse for back with a sweet delicious exfoliation that will leave your back silky and smooth. (30 min)

Sweet Sensations Body Polish ($60.00)

Decadent full body exfoliation that will revitalize your body. (60 min)

Deluxe “Glow” Body Bronze ($45.00)

Sunless tanning treatment designed to keep you out of the sun! Using custom blends of aloe, caffeine, and plant extracts (30 min)

Egyptian “Glow” Body Wrap ($60.00)

Get rid of access water weight in 45 minutes. The Egyptian Glow wrap is an excellent treatment to detoxify your body, and shape muscles. *Arms $15.00 *Thighs $20.00 *Mid-Section $25.00 *Full Body $60.00

Ear Candling ($30.00)

Specialized treatment to address sinus pressure and congestion in the nose, ears, and head. Includes ear candling. (30 min)

Relaxing Upper Body Massage 30 min($50.00) 60min $70.00

You will be all smiles al the while experiencing the gentle massage by a variety of techniques thougtfully designed to relax muscles, improve circulation and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.